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The Guardian Angel Award Program
For Registered Kindergarten Scouts Only​

About the Award

Thank you for supporting your Scout in earning this award! This parent-led program is exclusive to our Lion Cub Scouts and is an age-appropriate program to help them grow in their Catholic faith.

​Please note that this is a local Diocese award,  administered within the Diocese of Tucson by the Tucson Catholic Committee. It is not designed to be a substitute for any formal religious education program at your parish.

Program Objectives
To recognize young Scouts for advancement as they begin to develop a spiritual knowledge of how God protects them in every area of their lives.


  • Registered Kindergarten Scout of Catholic Faith.

  • The family must be registered with a Catholic Parish.

​Info for Parents/Guardians

  • Parents MUST register their child using the form on this page.

  • Each scout needs their own Guardian Angel Workbook.

  • ​Scout works on this program with their parents.

  • Guardian Angel workbooks may be downloaded on the provided link. 


Scouts will receive their award at our annual religious Scout Sunday Mass or Bishop’s Scout Mass. The Scout may arrange to receive this award at their unit Court of Honor ceremony upon request.

Guardian Angel Registration Form

Must be completed to get the downloadble workbook.

Click here to download

Guardian Angel Awards Program

For Registered Kindergarten Scouts Only​

Need more info? Contact the CCS at:


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